Party Wall etc Act 1996

Russen & Turner has extensive experience of party wall issues. Following the introduction of the Act in 1997, in certain building works, an owner of a property must serve notice on adjoining owners and agree the method of construction. In broad terms, this applies when the owner:

  • Intends to carry out works to the party wall e.g. installation of a damp proof course or lead flashing.
  • Wants to excavate e.g. for foundations lower than the existing foundation or walls of an adjoining building up to six metres away.

As party wall surveyor, Russen & Turner is able to prepare two key documents to protect all parties:

  1. A schedule of condition which photographs and documents the condition of adjoining buildings prior to construction work commences and is agreed with the adjoining owner’s surveyor;
  2. The award is an agreements, a legal contract, between the involved parties. This sets out matters such as when the work can be carried out and includes copies of all drawing and other details.

At the end of the work, both surveyors compare the condition of the adjoining buildings against the schedule or condition, and any damage is made good.

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