Building survey

A ‘building survey’ or ‘full structural survey’ as it used to be called, is a meticulous type of inspection and report. The surveyor’s inspection of the property is a detailed, thorough, comprehensive and technical investigation of the main structure and fabric.

The inspection for a building survey can last many hours. Typical times can be 4 – 5 hours for a simple, modern, semi-detached house.

The reports are on average 40 – 50 pages long. The report will tell you: 1. What, if anything, is wrong with the property; 2. Whether what is wrong can be put right; 3. The method of putting the defects right; 4. About the future maintenance issues. So the report is not just a “snapshot in time” of the property at the date of inspection – it will also give you good information about the maintenance items that you need to consider in years to come. You will know what you are buying and can proceed with confidence.

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