Will Santa be safe this Christmas?

Will Santa be safe this Christmas?

It is well known Father Christmas gets into your home down the chimney, but with increasing requirements for safety at work will he endanger himself and the children he has a legal responsibility for (under the ‘Father Christmas Chimney and Children Regulations 2015’)?

Since 1966 all chimneys in dwellings in England and Wales should have been built with a rebated and socketed concrete or clay flue liner. Older stacks were lined with a mortar or render surface, or left as plain bricks.

Over the years soot, salts, condensation and other contaminants can cause failure in mortar and bricks. This can allow smoke, fumes and sparks to escape, which could cause a fire or asphyxiation. Santa could easily dislodge loose or failed bricks and on Boxing Day your home could suffer a fire, with resultant loss of children, or even worse, turkey and Christmas presents!

Want to know if your flue is properly lined – talk to our building surveyors?

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