Party Walls

You might think a ‘party wall’ is the wall you bang on during the noisy party next door (if you live in a semi or a terrace) to complain…………..and you’d probably be correct. But, a ‘party wall’ also has a very strict legal meaning when one is considering the ‘Party Wall etc. Act 1996’.

You may need to serve formal notice under this Act if you’re doing works on the wall such as:

  1. Installing a damp-proof course;
  2. Inserting a flashing;
  3. Exposing the wall during works (even for a short period such as recovering a roof);
  4. Increasing the height of the wall;
  5. Inserting a beam, e.g. during a loft conversion.

If you don’t serve notice and you then fall out with your neighbours during the works they could take you to court and have the works stopped. Or, later when you want to sell or mortgage your property you may find you can’t – we have experience of this happening, on an increasingly frequent basis.

by Larry Russen

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