A strong but difficult property market in King’s Lynn

There appears to be a slight slowdown in the Kings Lynn property market for estate agents according to Mark Lock of Russen & Turner estate agents. Even though property is selling quickly once it is on the market, there is a distinct lack of property for sale.

According to Mark; “Demand is certainly outstripping supply in King’s Lynn and as soon as a new property comes up for sale we are inundated with calls and often have 4 or 5 people interested in 1 property. The lack of property available has a knock on effect because when people consider moving home in Kings Lynn; one of the 1st things they do is go online to see what is available. Once they see there is little to choose from by way of property; they often decide to wait until they see something they like before marketing their own home with a local estate agent. Of course if everyone waited to find before selling, the market could almost grind to a halt”.

Russen & Turner estate agents have an excellent way to get around this issue. So if you are considering moving in Kings Lynn or the surrounding villages but don’t want to place your home on the market as you can’t find anything you want to buy with an estate agent, call Russen & Turner who are certain they can help.

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